Registration Rules and Regulations
Revised November 2021

Over the period this website has been "Live" it has accumulated a large volume of personnel details, which includes photographs, video’s, addresses and telephone numbers. In order to respect the privacy of our members, partners and guest’s a secure area has been created where a user name and password is required to gain access. You must be eligible and agree to all criteria below before a user name and password is issued. Do not register if you do not meet the criteria or object to the rules and regulations.

Rules & Regulations

  1. You must be an ex serving senior rate off HMS/S Opportune
  2. You are a senior rate that was once a serving junior rate on HMS/S Opportune.
  3. You must have attended at least one reunion.
  4. If you meet item 1 and/or 2 above and served during the final commission then item 3 may be ignored.
  5. Guest that have attended the reunion may register, however, they must be sponsored by their host.
  6. Personal details will be displayed on the website including contact details, photographs and videos.
  7. The main purpose of storing personnel data is to allow members to have contact details of each other. As such, all registered persons will have access to everyone's personnel data stored on the website.
  8. You may “Opt-Out” at any time from the secure area. Your details from email distribution lists, contact details and your user name will be deleted from the website, normally within 14 days, however, the process may take longer.
  9. The following will NOT be removed, If you do not agree, do not register:-

    • Images, they will remain on the website for all members to view.
    • Personal references made in minutes, communiques, email etc.

  10. If you know of details that are still present after Opting Out then advise the web administrator through the Contact Form who will assist where practicable
  11. Details once removed are permanently removed and cannot be re-stored.
  12. Anyone wishing to re-join following "Opt-out" will need to go through the full registration process.

The rules shown here are regularly revised and although our aim is to keep this list up to date, there may be occasions where the rules have changed but the website has not been updated. If you are in any doubt then please contact us

Download website registration rules and regulations